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365healthsolutions.com Review – A Closed Vendor with Undisclosed Location and No Proven User Feedback

365healthsolutions.com is a web pharmacy which for some reasons which are unknown to me is not operational anymore. The pharmacy did not indicate when it started operating. Judging by the most recent website capture of the pharmacy available on Web Archives, the drugstore may have gone down in 2014. 365 Health Solutions focused on selling medications which have already been approved by the FDA.

The store had a quite extensive catalog. The pharmacy carried a medication for each common health complication. The meds on its catalog included Skin Care products, stop smoking pills, osteoporosis medications, obesity pills, neurological disorders, HIV pills, cancer meds, diabetes pills, and others.

When checking its bestsellers section, it was evident that erectile dysfunction meds were the most popular on the pharmacy. I estimated the drugstore prices using these pills. A tablet of generic sildenafil citrate (Viagra) was worth 0.69 dollars. Buyers who prefer using Vardenafil to eliminate ED could purchase generic Levitra for a price of 1.5 dollars per tablet. Generic Cialis would cost any buyer 1.30 dollars per tablet. This is a fair price. Many men suffering from ED could have paid for the ED pills easily.

365healthsolutions.com was only accepting credit cards as their main method of payment. This is a great option since any buyer would have the ability to dispute any charges made to his or her card if 365 Health Solutions failed to deliver the meds he or she had paid for.

365healthsolutions.com was shipping all its medications from India. This is where all the meds available on the drugstore catalog were being manufactured. After the pharmacy had received an order, they would take approximately 24 to 48 hours to process this order. Shipping was being done via two means. Meds were shipped either via courier service or via Standard International Airmail. The Courier services would have been preferred by buyers who needed to receive their meds quickly. The method would cost the buyer $30 and the meds would be delivered in a period of about 5 to 9 days. Buyers who chose standard international Airmail shipping method would have to wait for 10 to 21 days before their meds arrived. They would be required to pay only 10 dollars.

If a buyer package failed to arrive or arrived when already damaged, 365healthsolutions.com was offering a refund. Also, the drugstore was offering to re-ship lost packages for free if the buyer preferred this instead of getting a refund. If after ordering a buyer wished to cancel his or her order, this could be done within the first 24 hours since the order had been placed. 365 Health Solutions indicated that no cancellation requests would be taken care of if they were requested after 24 hours had already elapsed.

Reaching out to the 365healthsolutions.com customer support department was easy. The buyer could either use the drugstore live chat feature or use its phone numbers. I could not verify whether the live chat was actually working since 365healthsolutions.com is no longer online. The phone numbers buyers could have used to call the customer support department are +1 800 532 4808 (toll-free US), +1 718 313 1498 (Regular US), and +44 203 011 0241 (UK).

365healthsolutions.com Reviews

The only testimonials I managed to locate for 365 Health Solutions were available on the drugstore website. All the testimonials available on the pharmacy website were positive. I have captured some of them below:

365healthsolutions.com User Feedback

David reports that he received his order. He says that he will be placing another order at 365healthsolutions.com. His wife was surprised with the results the pills produced. David felt like he was 18 years old again. Mark’s order arrived on time. After taking the pills, they seemed to work perfectly for him. His sex life appears to have been made great judging by what he is saying about the delivered pills.

I always advise our readers to avoid trusting testimonials available on the pharmacy official website. I have come across a large number of pharmacies with overly-positive reviews on their official websites. These turn out to be scam sites using fake testimonials to rip unsuspecting customers off their hard-earned cash. Trust online pharmacies with proven testimonials on 3rd-party sites.

365healthsolutions.com Reviews 2018

365healthsolutions.com appears to have disappeared way before 2018. This means that its 2018 reviews were never available. The reviews I have captured below were also available on the pharmacy website.

365healthsolutions.com User Feedback

Ken received his Cialis from 365healthsolutions.com. He tested the pills and realized that they work perfectly. He was requesting the drugstore to send additional pills. 365healthsolutions.com customer support department was great to Ken. At first, Curt thought that he was being scammed. However, his meds arrived. The postal service appeared to have caused the delay and not 365healthsolutions.com.

365healthsolutions.com Coupon Codes

365 Health Solutions did not have coupon codes both on its official website and also on 3rd-party sites. However, the drugstore had bonuses and other special offers. I have captured some of these offers below:

365healthsolutions.com Offers

Buyers who bought 20, 60, and 100 pills of generic Priligy, generic Propecia, or any erectile dysfunction medication would get 4, 10, and 20 pills as a free bonus respectively. The pharmacy offered free shipping to all buyers who purchased meds worth over 150 dollars. Second-time and 3rd-time purchasers received 5% and 7% discounts respectively.


365healthsolutions.com appears to have been a great pharmacy. The drugstore had thoughtful prices, it had a big catalog, it accepted payment via credit cards which means buyers could dispute their payments, and it did not require a prescription script. The only thing which made the drugstore look untrustworthy is the lack of proven testimonials. Although the reviews available on the drugstore site were positive, they were not worth trusting since they could have been just a marketing stunt.

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