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77canadianpharmacy.com Review – Greatly Designed Online Pharmacy That Delivered within the US and Canada Only

77canadianpharmacy.com was an online drugstore that was operating from British Columbia. The catered to online consumers from the US and Canada and they dispense medicines to customers with valid prescriptions only. They started in 2003 but the close date of this e-store was not available.

This online pharmacy had different ways of sending ordered medications. If the ordered medicine was a prescription medicine, they shipped it within 2 business days. The delivery time takes up to 8 business days. For over the counter medicines, they shipped it on the next business day and customers can choose between express or regular mail for delivery. For customers who were ordering Rx medications, they need to send their prescription via fax or email. The prescription must be written by a Canadian or a US doctor.

The offered medications of 77canadianpharmacy.com were a combination of over the counter and Rx medicines. These drugs were branded and generic. On their home page, they had a list of their top prescription medicines and top over the counter drugs. They also had a list of new products and a search box was on top where customers can input the name of the drug they need.

Among the top Rx medications, they offered were Zoloft, Premarin, Evista, Nuvaring, Pacil, Mobic, Accupril, and Flomax. For their top over the counter medicines, they had Allegra, Zyrtec, Vitamin B12, Entex, Drysol, Dristan, and Betadine. On their new product list, we found Zoloft which was sold for $67 for a pack of 100 capsules. They also had Actonel which was sold for $70 for a pack of 28 tablets. Ortho-Cyclen was also offered for $55 for a pack of 21 tablets. We checked if they offered any erectile dysfunction medicines but found none. Even the popular Viagra was not included in their list.

To order, here were the ways that customers can do to place their purchases with 77canadianpharmacy.com.

  • They can do it online by logging in or making an account with 77canadianpharmacy.com
  • They can call the toll-free number of 77canadianpharmacy.com @ 1 800 545 1106
  • They can make a request for an order form by mailing it, the mailing address of 77canadianpharmacy.com will be provided by a customer support representative. Customers need to call 1 800 545 1106
  • They can fax they order along with their prescription if it was an Rx medicine. The fact number was 1 800 469 0757

Returning customers who ordered an Rx medication no longer need to submit a prescription if they were just refilling their prescription.

For shipping cost, there was a $10 regular shipping fee and a $15 express shipping fee. Express delivery means waiting for up to 8 days for an order to be delivered. At 77canadianpharmacy, they can ship two different items in one package to minimize shipping cost. For consumers in Canada, the average delivery time was up to 20 business. For non-prescription medicines, the shipping fee was $6, and it takes up to 12 days for the order to be delivered.

Once order and shipping method were decided, customers can complete the order by paying with a credit card.

For queries, the numbers to contact was 1 800 545 1106 and it was open from 7 am until 5 in the evening, Pacific West Coast Time, Monday to Friday. They also had a chat support team that assists on Sundays.

77canadianpharmacy.com Reviews

The information we found about 77canadianpharmacy.com is impressive. The fact that they asked for a prescription before approving a sale is also impressive. However, we are unable to verify if this is true because we are unable to find customer reviews for this e-dispensary.

77canadianpharmacy.com Reviews 2018

According to the web archived information we found, 77canadianpharmacy.com operated until 2015. For this reason, there is no 77 Canadian Pharmacy customer review for 2018.

77canadianpharmacy.com Coupon Code


77canadianpharmacy.com Promotions

77canadianpharmacy.com did not release any coupon code during their run. What they offered was more than what a coupon can give – they offered a savings of up to 77% with their medications. They also offered secured and guaranteed shipping of all orders across the US. Signing up with 77canadianpharmacy to have an account was free and they had a toll-free number for customers who might have a problem with their orders.

This e-store also takes pride in their low-cost shipping rates. To top it all, they allow big orders of up to 90 days’ supply and they offered approved medicines.

We also found out that they have a referral program though we are unable to find the perks that come with every referral.


77canadianpharmacy.com was a Canadian online pharmacy that delivers within the US and Canada only. They ship over the counter and prescription medicines. For prescription medicine orders, they required a valid prescription signed by the US or a Canadian doctor. This e-store didn’t sell erectile dysfunction medicines such as Viagra or Cialis.

Aside from offering prescription and non-prescription medicine, 77canadianpharmacy also offered pet medications.

For their policies, they only accept returned orders if the order was not opened. For damaged products, it can be returned to 77canadianpharmacy, so they can resend a new one. The reshipping fee will be covered by the e-store.

Among the things that we find appealing for this web store were the different shipping methods offered, the different ordering options offered, and the large limit of orders that a customer can have in one transaction. This means that if you want to have a supply of your metformin for three months, you can order it all at once with 77canadianpharmacy.

The only unfortunate thing was the lack of customer reviews of 77canadianpharmacy. We could use some reliable testimonials from verified users of 77canadianpharmacy if only they had one.

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