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Canada Review: Reliable Canadian Pharmacy to Look Out For

Canada Drugs Online is an online pharmacy that has been operating since 2004. It is a Canadian internet pharmacy licensed by the MPA and CIPA to sell and distribute over the counter and prescription medicines. Aside from offering medicines, Canada Drugs Online also offers general information in the form of articles they published on their website from time to time. Informative medical articles that aim to educate web visitors can be found on the right side of their website.

According to the information we found on the website Canada Drugs Online, their website has been licensed to distribute medicines in 2004. Their goal is to distribute medicines worldwide at a very low price without sacrificing quality. To provide this kind of service, the management of Canada Drugs Online deals directly with their partner drug manufacturers. It is a way for them to eliminate intermediaries that can cause an increase in pricing.

Canada Drugs Online offer generic and branded medicines. They offer cheap medication of the highest quality because they believe that distributing quality medicines will surely keep their customers loyal. This internet drugstore distributes medicines even to customers with no prescription. They believe that everyone has the right to order the medicine they need as long as they will act responsibly and use it properly. Their most popular medicines are erectile dysfunction medicines such as generic Viagra ($0.32 per pill) and generic Cialis ($0.67 per pill).

Ordering from this store is easy. You can have your order delivered at a PO Box address if you want. You only need the name of the medicine you want, complete or correct and delivery address, and your credit card information. This online pharmacy accepts Visa and AmEx for payment. They also accept eCheck.

For shipping information, you can choose between AirMail Delivery and EMS Courier Delivery. AirMail Delivery costs $10 and takes up to three weeks for the order to be delivered while EMS Delivery costs $20 and takes up to 8 days for the order to be delivered.

All information shared to this website during order such as credit card information and contact information (phone number and email address) is kept confidential and safe. Canada Drugs Online is using the latest encryption technology to ensure that information provided is kept safely and won’t be compromised.

All customers of Canada Drugs Online are protected by their fair terms and agreement as well as policies that aim to give their customers the peace of mind they deserve while waiting for their orders. All missing, damaged, or lost orders will be taken care of by the store if the issue arises due to some issues outside of the store or customer’s control. Reviews

Ordering from online pharmacies is now becoming mainstream. People, especially the elderlies are now processing it themselves or ask their children to do it for them because it is convenient. Most of the time, medicines offered online are also cheaper.

Can we trust online pharmacies? A recent study by the FDA showed that only 5% of internet drugstores are reliable and operating legally. How can you be sure that your chosen website or Canada Drugs Online is a reliable one? Let us take a look at some of the reviews from their customers.

Canada Drugs Online Review
Canada Drugs Online Review

One customer review that we found for Canada Drugs Online was shared by Albert Schoeffer. According to him, he ordered a generic version of Domperidone and he was happy when he received the medicine. He said it was delivered within the promised time and that it worked. The price was one of the biggest consideration of Albert.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews
Canada Drugs Online Reviews

We also found two customer reviews from John and Nathan. The two men had ordered drugs from Canada Drugs Online and were too happy they did.

John was happy to order from this e-shop because they don’t ask for a prescription. He was also satisfied with the quality of the medicine he received. As for Nathan, he said he received his order after a week and he was impressed with the delivery. Nathan added that he definitely recommend this e-store to his friend.

These three happy customers of Canada Drugs Online shared positive experiences they had with this e-store and we can say that they are very believable. To further check the reliability of this 14-year old e-dispensary, we checked for their recent customer reviews. Reviews 2018

For the latest customer reviews for Canada Drugs Online, we found stories shared by St Patricks and Samuel. The first review was from France and the second one was from Spain.

Canada Drugs Online Recent Reviews
Canada Drugs Online Recent Reviews

St Patricks said that he wrote his review as a way of thanking the store for their efficient service. He was satisfied with the way his order was handled and delivered. Samuel has the same story and he was more than thankful because of the free Cialis that he received. It looks like Canada Drugs Online is giving away bonus pills and Samuel was among the lucky ones who receive it.

After 14 years in operation, it looks like Canada Drugs Online has not changed. They still provide low-priced medicines and deliver orders on time. Reviews Coupon Codes

Canada-drugs-online Offers

After checking for coupon codes that we can use in case we will order from Canada Drugs Online, we found out that this e-store does not offer coupon codes at the moment. What they have for their customers are bonus pills and free shipping perks that customers can take advantage of.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

All orders from Canada Drugs Online are eligible for bonus pills and orders worth $200 or up are qualified for free delivery.


Canada Drugs Online is one of the longest-running online pharmacies with more than 14 years of experience. Canada Drugs Online is a Canadian online pharmacy supply quality yet affordable medications. For more than a decade, they consistently deliver quality medicines to their customers and this has been proven by their numerous customer feedbacks.

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