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Copy of 683 Canadian Review – No Reviews Available for this Closed Web Drugstore was a former web drugstore that has had records on the web archive since March 2010. However, according to this shop, it has started its service since the 90s, but the store has failed to offer concrete evidence that it started way longer than most online drugstores in the market today.

Canadian Rx Drugs Net may have been a part of an online drugstore network since its web address did not match with its store name – this store’s name was actually Canadian Health & Care Mall, a name that somewhat rings a bell.

Most of the best-selling products on the Canadian Rx Drugs Net store were actually erectile dysfunction medicines and compared to local pharmacy prices, medicines sold by the shop were actually cheap. In addition to the cheap medicine prices, the store did not require prescriptions from their users but instead offered online consultations for the buyers.

Some of the medicine categories on Canadian Rx Drugs Net were the following:

  • Men’s health
  • Pain relief
  • Antibiotics
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health

Concerning payments, the store accepted credit cards like AMEX and VISA and also e-checks. As for the shipping rates, I wasn’t able to check how much Canadian Rx Drugs Net charged its clients, but the store was known to offer free shipping to its buyers as long as they were able to reach a certain purchase amount or quantity.

There’s very little web information on Canadian Rx Drugs Net – the store did not have reports regarding why it closed down and it also did not have third-party reviews on the web, which made it difficult to tell if the store had been a good shop or not. Reviews

To be able to know if Canadian Rx Drugs Net was any good as an online drugstore, I checked for available customer reviews for this web platform. Honestly, I was incapable of locating buyer testimonials for the shop – search results turned up nothing for the store, perhaps because the domain name was too common to search on search engines.

However, the shop Canadian Rx Drugs Net did have a few on-site reviews of its own. Well, although we can consider on-site reviews as reviews, they aren’t really a hundred percent reliable since they may be biased towards the shop they’re seen in. Nonetheless, since there were no other reviews available for Canadian Rx Drugs Net on the web, I had to use these reviews:

Canadian Rx Drugs Net
Canadian Rx Drugs Net

Canadian Rx Drugs Net did have a dedicated review section and comments found there were arranged according to the medicines they were intended for. There were reviews for Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra, but there were also comments for non-ED medications like Ventolin.

According to Angelina, one of the buyers who wrote their reviews for Ventolin on Canadian Rx Drugs Net, the product she bought from Canadian Rx Drugs Net was a life saver. She mentioned that the drug worked all the time.

Andrew, another user, has also appreciated the quick relief brought him by the Ventolin product he bought from Canadian Rx Drugs Net.

Rose also described that Canadian Rx Drugs Net’s Ventolin worked for her and she only needed two to three puffs of the product to help her breathe normally.

Like what I’ve said earlier though, the store Canadian Rx Drugs Net may have good on-site reviews, but the shop’s reviews were not enough to guarantee its credibility since these reviews may not be a hundred percent reliable. Reviews 2018

Canadian Rx Drugs Net is now closed and the store redirects to another site,, which confirms that it’s really offline.

Canadian Rx Drugs Net Assessment Result
Canadian Rx Drugs Net Assessment Result

I tried to use assessment platforms to check up on Canadian Rx Drugs Net details but only one website had results for the store. According to the assessment details, Canadian Rx Drugs Net is hosted in Australia and that it redirects to another store. Also, according to the report, the shop has had a malware report, which made it a suspicious online store. Coupon Codes

Let’s admit it – we’re a sucker for discounts (I personally am a sucker for discounts). By instinct, we buyers tend to look for the best deals possible, and that’s why I still tried to scour the former Canadian Rx Drugs Net website for former offers for its clients.

Canadian Rx Drugs Net Deals
Canadian Rx Drugs Net Deals

Although Canadian Rx Drugs Net did not have coupon or special voucher codes, the store actually had other offers for its clients, like the following deals:

  • 4 free pills on every order (more for buyers with larger orders)
  • Waived regular airmail shipping fee for 3 or more orders
  • Waived express shipping fee for orders $300 and up
  • Free insurance for orders $200 and up


Canadian Rx Drugs Net was perhaps an affiliate marketing site since it had a form that’s similar to stores I’ve browsed before. This online pharmacy, like most online drugstores, offered a wide range of prescription and non-Rx generic and brand name treatments in the best possible prices.

This online pharmacy’s allegedly been around since the 1990s, but information on the internet archive suggests that the store’s earliest records were only in 2010. Surprisingly, despite operating for several years on the web, the Canadian Rx Drugs Net shop did not have reviews for its service, which makes it difficult to identify whether the store was a good store or not.

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