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Expressrxsales.Com Review – An Escrow Service Which Appears to Have Been Located in a High-Risk Country

Expressrxsales.Com is a web service that focused on connecting customers with real local pharmacies. The site was not a real pharmacy. It acted as an escrow service. The store had been offering its services on the web for several years before disappearing. I could not determine when it was established since by the time I was writing this review, the drugstore had already disappeared. The drugstore had a modern looking website with nice graphics.

The pharmacy was focusing on selling FDA-approved meds which means taking the meds sourced from the drugstore could have been safe. Expressrxsales.Com was carrying various medication categories. These included erectile dysfunction medication, weight loss pills, anxiety pills, and others. I decided to check whether the drugstore was selling its medication at price buyers could afford. I noticed that the meds were priced reasonably. This means that buyers were not subjected to a lot of struggle when trying to raise money to pay for these medications.

The most popular medications on the drugstore were the erectile dysfunction pills. To illustrate Expressrxsales.Com price, I decided to include the price of the pills being sold by the store to improve male sex lives. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 0.73 dollars, Cialis was being sold at a price of 1.25 dollars per pill, people who preferred treating their impotence using vardenafil were supposed to pay 1.32 for their Levitra. An improved version of sildenafil citrate called Viagra soft was being sold at a price of 1.27 dollars for a pill. Although I have found other online drug stores with lower prices, the prices are still affordable.

Express Rx Sales did not require its customers to get a prescription first before sourcing their meds from the drugstore. The pharmacy assumed that their clients have already been prescribed to the meds they were purchasing. However, it is always recommended that you get advice from the doctor before using medications you have never used before to avoid issues such as overdosing.

Buyers were allowed to pay for their meds using both credit cards and debit cards. The accepted credit cards included VISA and Mastercard. The store made sure that their client credit card data wouldn’t be stolen by encrypting the data using the 256-bit SSL technology. The store was not charging their clients any money when it came to shipping their meds. Contacting the pharmacy was possible via their phone number which is +1 502 209 8502. The phone number was toll-free. I did not manage to determine whether the pharmacy was offering refunds or accepting returns. Also, the drugstore was not clear on whether it would offer re-shipping if medications failed to reach the customer or they got destroyed on the way.

Expressrxsales.Com Reviews

Express Rx Sales appeared to have had a limited number of customers. This is because the drugstore did not have many reviews. It was after doing a lot of digging that I managed to find a single testimonial for the pharmacy. The store user who had written this review was not happy with the services he had gotten from the store. I have captured the review I found below:

Expressrxsales.Com Testimonial

Marian reports that Express Rx Sales was a scam. He had ordered twice from the pharmacy. His the correct medications were not sent. The pharmacy sent the wrong order both times. He was not able to get a refund from the drugstore. He had lost 155 dollars so far.

A pharmacy that lacks numerous testimonials is a suspicious pharmacy. Again, if the only testimonial available for the drugstore is negative, it means that the store is not trustworthy at all. The store sent the above reviewer the wrong order twice and failed to refund him. This is not a store you can trust.

Expressrxsales.Com Reviews 2018

As I had mentioned earlier on, I only managed to locate a single testimonial for Expressrxsales.Com. The review I have captured was written 20 weeks ago which means that it was written in 2018. I decided to go ahead and analyze Express Rx Sales popularity using its domain address. I searched the drugstore domain on Scam Adviser. I got the results I was expecting.

The drugstore appears to have its location in Russia although the domain checking program could not determine the exact location of the pharmacy. This means that the store location was being masked. High-quality drugstores with nothing to hide from their customers will never hide their location information. Sourcing medications from the drugstore could ended up customers in a risky situation. Scam Adviser noted that the drugstore was operating from a high-risk country. The program also detected a malware report which means using a credit card on the site wouldn’t have been very safe.

Expressrxsales.Com Coupon Codes

The store did not invest in coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had some special offers on its official website. I have captured some of these offers below:

Expressrxsales.Com Offers

When a buyer returned and purchased meds for another time, he or she was eligible for receiving a 10% discount. Another offer is the one I have already mentioned about – free shipping. The pharmacy was also adding free bonus pills to the buyer’s order.


Express Rx Sales had nice prices which cannot be ignored. The prices were affordable although for buyers who would have wanted to pay lesser for meds could have found other cheaper drug stores to source their meds from. The store also reduced the prices for returning customers and helped their existing customer save money on shipping. The disappointing thing about this pharmacy is that it does not have reviews to support that it was indeed a great pharmacy. The only review I have found is negative. Scam Adviser indicates that the site was unsafe too.

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