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Muscle Review: One of the Newest Player in the Online Pharmacy Market is a new online pharmacy that started operating in 2016 according to their online license. Their offers are mostly anabolic and body enhancement products as well as sexual health products. This e-dispensary is based in Canada. In their homepage, Muscle Gear of MG said that they are a Canadian domestic source of steroids among other medications.

For their products, MG is a licensed supplier and seller of Terafon Labs, Apoxar, Nutropin, different predesigned stacks for bodybuilding, oral steroids, injectable steroids, weight loss pills, HGH, Peptides, sexual health medicines, sleeping aid products, hair treatment, skin treatment, diuretics, and medical accessories like syringe.

For their sexual health products, MG currently offers generic Viagra and generic Cialis erectile dysfunction brands. They currently have Teragon Viagra for $70 for a pack of 20 tablets. Teragon Cialis is offered for $70 for a pack of 20 tablets and generic Viagra from India costs $40 for a pack of 100 tablets. Another brand of Cialis that Muscle Gear offers is Pharmascience Cialis for $40 for a pack of four and Marcan Viagra is offered for $25 for a pack of 4.

Payment thru MoneyGram is the only accepted form of payment for Once you process an order, MG will send you an instruction on how to make a payment on your email. If you have not received the instruction and the amount that you need to settle, you have to contact [email protected] They also accept payment thru Bitcoins. This e-dispensary caters to customers who are in Canada.

For shipping, there is a flat rate of $25 for Xpress Shipping that takes up to 3 days. If you cannot wait for three days, you can opt to have your order delivered via Post Priority for $50. All orders worth $400 are eligible for free Post Xpress Shipping.

All orders marked by Canada Post as ‘delivered’ are considered delivered. For your security, you can opt to require a signature when delivering your package. In case of returning an order, you need to contact the support team so they can assist you. Last but not the least, MG encourages their customers to contact them in case there are issues. If you have written a negative review, MG will no longer assist you as the negative review you wrote might have done damages that can no longer be corrected. Reviews

For the past few months that MG is starting, they have already accumulated a number of positive reviews such as the following: Feedback Reviews Reviews

Revt103 is a customer of MG who wrote a reply to another customer who was looking for his order. According to Revt103, he did receive his order. He even ends up questioning the said customer about his post.

The second review was shared by gensolomon who said he is ordering from MG because he wants to support some local suppliers. Besides, MG is one of the few online pharmacies in Canada that offers bodybuilding products aside from its rare ED drugs.

Although there are some questions and concerns raised about the products offered and delivered by MG, it is good to know that there are some consumers who felt lucky to use MG. Reviews 2018

After reading some old customer reviews for MG, we decided to check for new ones and here are some of them.


Muscle-gear Reviews 2018

Jakki222 said that he received his order from MG after a day and a half of ordering it. He was relieved to see that he was not scammed online. Jakki222 checked the product and was glad to see that it is legit and real. He also commends the customer service team of Muscle-gear for being helpful. Jakki222 added that the packaging was good and that he will definitely contact MG again.

Another customer review that we found for Muscle Gear was shared by Gerty. Gerty said that the product ordered from MG arrived in a timely manner and they worked fine.

Both consumers, Gerty and Jakki222 recommend These two people are happy with the service and products of Muscle-gear. Coupon Codes

There are two ways to use a coupon code – the first one is to click on a link that will automatically apply the code on your order and the second one is by typing in the code provided by the store. Either way, a coupon code means additional savings on your order.

Muscle-gear Coupon Codes

Finding a coupon code that we can use online is one of our main goals. We always aim for coupon codes with big discounts as it will mean additional savings.

For MG, they released three coupon codes that customers can take advantage of. The first one offers up to 30% savings while the other one is up to 40% savings. The other coupon code gives free shipping. The coupon codes can be used if your order met the qualifications stated on the voucher.

Conclusion is a Canadian vendor that offers medicines for bulking, pain, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and weight loss among others. This is a website that caters to Canadian residents only. They do not ship outside of Canada.

As an online pharmacy, MG accepts only limited payment methods. They are one of the few online pharmacies that accept Bitcoins as a payment method. They also accept money transfer via MoneyGram and Western Union. I find it strange and suspicious that credit cards (the most protected form of payment) are not accepted. I guess it will be hard to get a hold on the vendor if you send him payments via Western Union and they will decide not to proceed with your order.

Aside from offering stacks and cycles, they also offer rare brands of erectile dysfunction medicines at a very low price.

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