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New Review – A Drugstore with Nice Medication Prices but no Proven Reviews

New Health Man is an online pharmacy that has its location in Canada. The drugstore has been operational for more than 14 years. The store opened doors in 2014. The store claims that its goal is to help people who shop online for medications save over 80% on their meds.

On looking at the drugstore catalog, I noticed that the drugstore was covering a large number of medications. These include erectile dysfunction meds, pain relief medications, hair loss medications, diabetes meds, heart disease medications, depression drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, asthma, arthritis meds, and more. The store offered medications for the majority of the popular health complications. had both brand and generic medications which can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A pill of brand Viagra will cost the buyer $3.32. Brand Cialis will cost you $3.66 per pill. A pill of generic Viagra will cost you $0.32. If you decide you would like to take generic Cialis, you will have to be prepared to pay $0.67 for each pill. These prices are fair. Men will have the ability to afford them without struggling too much.

When it comes to shipping your medications, I found 2 methods of shipping being offered by New healthy Man. These are Airmail and EMS Courier Delivery. Airmail is the cheapest. It will cost you only 10 dollars. However, it takes the longest. You will have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks before your meds arrive. When you use the EMS shipping method, your meds will arrive faster. They will arrive in a period of about 3 to 8 business days. You will have to pay 20 dollars for the EMS shipping. accepts payments via credit cards. This means that you will have the ability to dispute your charges if you fail to receive your products. The credit cards accepted by the drugstore include AMEX, VISA, and Mastercard. does not accept returns. However, the drugstore indicates if you receive damaged or defective meds, you can inform their customer support department. The pharmacy will replace the defective meds for free.

Although the default website language I found on the New Healthy Man website is English, you can shop on the website if you can read Deutsch, French, Spanish, and Italian. The pharmacy has a language selection tool. If you need help with any of your orders, you can use either +1 760 284 3222 (US) or +4420 3286 3820 (EU).

New-Healthy-Man.Com Reviews

New Healthy Man indicates that it has already received accreditation from both MIPA and CIPA. These are the 2 top-rated pharmacy regulatory bodies located in Canada. I decided to find further evidence which could help me know whether is a genuine drugstore or not. The only way to know this is by checking the testimonials written by men and women who have sourced their medications at New Healthy Man. I have captured some of the reviews I found below:

New-healthy-man Testimonials

Samuel from Spain reports that he received his order of the 10 Cialis pills. After using the pills, they worked perfectly for him. He is asking to send him the remaining pills. The pharmacy had a great customer support department such that Samuel wishes other online drug stores could offer the same customer services.

Jackson from Italy says that at first, he thought he was being scammed. The meds had failed to turn up at the expected time. However, the meds finally arrived. The delay of his meds had been caused by the postal service. He wanted to know how he can make everything right since he received two orders.

New-Healthy-Man.Com Reviews 2018

The reviews available on the website did not have a date that could indicate when they were written. This made it impossible to figure out which reviews had been written in 2018. Below, I have captured more reviews for this pharmacy although I am not sure whether they were written in 2018:

New-healthy-man Consumer Comments

Eric from Spain states that after his road trip, he came back home and found that his meds had already arrived while he was away. The pills even included four additional pills which had been shipped as a bonus. Eric is thankful for the professionalism and the generosity displayed by the drugstore. Before ordering from, Eric states that he was a bit wary about ordering meds online. However, he is happy after ordering from

Jonathan has been sourcing his medications from New Healthy Man at a price he can afford. He indicates he had been buying the same pills in the local pharmacies at an extremely high price.

New-Healthy-Man.Com Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes available for However, this pharmacy had nice offers. I have captured the offers I found below:

New-healthy-man Offers

The first thing I noticed is that the drugstore was offering free Viagra pills. To get these free pills, you have to order meds. If you manage to buy meds worth more than 200 dollars, you won’t have to worry about covering your shipment price. will ship your meds for free. The store indicates that by sourcing your meds from the drugstore. You will have the ability to save over 70% of your money.


When you check the customer comments available on the New Healthy man official pharmacy website, you will notice that the drugstore seems to be spotlessly clean. This can make you place an order at the drugstore. However, before you order, it is important to note that some new pharmacies will use fake reviews to lure you in. Although I am not implying that this New Healthy Man did that, it is important to proceed with caution if you are to order from the drugstore. The drugstore has a wide catalog and fair prices. These are two of the things which could be attractive to any buyer.

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