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We do know that privacy is extremely important to all our visitors. We, therefore, respect it. We have crafted this privacy policy to let our visitors know all the kinds of information that we collect on this site. We ensure that your information is 100% safe. We never engage in the sale of personal data to third-parties.

Log Files

Just like the majority of other websites on the internet, we do collect and also make use of the data available in the log files. The data present in the log files will include our IP address (IP here stands for Internet Protocol) and your ISP (this is your Internet Service Provider), the browser you used to check out our website (for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge), when you checked out the website and the pages you checked when you loaded the website.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Cookies are simply tiny files which a website will store on your browser to make it possible to remember you when you visit the site again. We make use of cookies to store information. An example of the information we will use cookies to track is your personal preference. Cookies will let us know that we already displayed a popup when you visited and hence let us not bother you again with the popup. They will also help us remember your login details so that you don’t have to type them again.

To support the site, we may use advertisements. Some of our advertisers may use cookies and web beacons. These will send your information such as the ISP, the browser type, the IP address, and in very rare cases, whether you have Flash already installed. These cookies are usually utilized for geo-targeting. They will allow the advertiser to show California real estate ads to someone who is actually in California. They may be used to show you ads related to what you are interested in. For example, they will show you gaming ads if you visit a lot of gaming sites.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

Our site may also use DART cookies. These are also used for advertising purposes. They are mostly used by the Google AdSense program. A cookie is placed on your web browser when you browse the web. It will then be used to serve ads to you which are basically tailored to meet your interests. This is what is usually called “interest-based targeting”. The DART cookies use information which cannot be identified personally. What this means is that the cookies do not track any personal information. They will not capture your email address, name, telephone number, physical address, bank account details, social security numbers, or your credit card data.

It is possible to turn off cookies. Doing this will affect how we serve you as well as how well you interact with other sites. It could make it harder for you to log into sites. Simply deleting cookies does not mean that you have opted out of advertising programs. Unless you have a program that blocks cookies, the next time you visit a site, a cookie will get installed on your computer.

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