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Reliablerxpharmacy Review: Welcome to A Reliable Online Pharmacy is a reliable internet drugstore that was established in 2005. They offer prescription and over the counter medicines that are mostly manufactured in India. All medicines offered by Reliable Rx Pharmacy are from Indian pharmaceutical companies of high quality. These drugs passed the Indian FDA certification and are following quality standards set by international health regulations like WHO. It is not clear though if Reliable Rx Pharmacy is based in India as most of their products are from the said country.

Among the partners of are Cipla, Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Torrent Pharma, Intas Pharma, Pfizer, and GSK. At least 50 medical categories can be found on this website. It means that for these conditions, they have available medicines to treat them. Drugs for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, cancer, cramp, migraine, pain, diabetes, anticonvulsant, hair loss, infertility, sleeping aid, anti-smoking aid, weight loss, hair loss, and bone health are offered. On their website, you can also see their best-selling medicines and featured products.

If you are looking for an erectile dysfunction medicine, you can find some rare products from They offer Caverta, an ED pill, Himalaya Karela, an herbal supplement, and Orgy Enlargement Pill. They also offer ED drugs such as Zenegra, Lofatra, Penegra, Kamagra Gold, and Forzest. Caverta, a generic Cialis brand costs $13 for a pack of 4 while Lofatra, a generic Levitra costs $27.02 for a pack of 10. Kamagra Gold, a popular generic Viagra brand costs $14.40 for a pack of 4 (with 4 bonus pills).

All orders can be completed and confirmed with a credit card payment. Shipping fee depends on the destination and at least 2 weeks is needed for orders to be delivered especially for international deliveries. Orders that were damaged or lost during the shipping period will be covered by Reliablerxpharmacy. It means that in case something happens to your order; report it immediately so they can make necessary actions that can minimize inconvenience on your part. Reviews

Reliablerxpharmacy Reviews

How reliable is Reliable Rx Pharmacy? We can read a lot of positive things about this e-store on their website. They are promoting and marketing it hence the positive information. Then, how can we measure reliability? For transparent reliability, we decided to check the reviews shared by people who ordered from reliablerxpharmacy in the past. Here are some of them:

Laura from the US shared that since she started using Reliablerxpharmacy, she was no longer afraid of using Indian-produced medicines. She was surprised to see her $82 medicine sold at $2 from and was even astounded to find out that the effect is the same.

Another review was shared by Tara who boasted about the people she referred to Tara mentioned being very satisfied with the product and customer service. She also praised the fast delivery of her order. For its price, she was certain that this e-store is the best choice for people who need cheaper medication.

The last customer review we found was from Tris who thanked the helpful team for processing her order. She was also thankful for Eric, the chat support guy who answered all of her queries. Tris said that it was her first time to order online and her experience was positive with Reviews 2018

After operating for more than a decade and collecting too many positive feedbacks from their customers, we decided to check if Reliable Rx Pharmacy was able to sustain their good service.

Reliablerxpharmacy Review 2018

Reviews from their customers this year were also not short of praises for

Reliablerxpharmacy Online Reputation

Yvette and Louis were two of their new customers who left good words for this e-store as well. Yvette said that she will definitely order again from this e-store and that she was happy with the customer service help she received. Louis also shared her happiness with the price of the products offered.

Reliablerxpharmacy 2018 Reviews

Additional 2018 reviews that we found for Reliable Rx Pharmacy revealed how easy it is to use the website. Rin said that he never had an issue ordering from this e-store and the products seem to be okay. As for Ma, the fast delivery made her decide to give this e-dispensary a 5-star rating.

After 13 years, it looks like Reliable Rx Pharmacy remains to be a great provider of generic and branded medicines to their customers worldwide. These reviews were not just from the website of Reliable Rx Pharmacy but are also from a third-party review website. Coupon Code

Reliablerxpharmacy Coupon Code

If you are planning to order from, you can take check these coupon codes and take advantage of these offers. With the exclusive codes released by Reliable Rx Pharmacy, you can get a 5%, 15%, and up to 80% discount on your total bill. These codes are subject to some terms.

Conclusion is one of the first online pharmacies that offered generic and branded medicines online. They offer drugs from India. The medicines they offer are manufactured by some of the best pharmaceutical companies in India.

This internet drugstore invested in developing a strong following by ensuring that their customers are happy not just with the price of their medicines but also with the quality. They also ensured that their customer service team are among the best. These can be seen in their numerous positive feedbacks from verified users in the last 13 years. Surprisingly, their old and new customer reviews are the same – they have happy and satisfied customers.

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