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Safewellmart Review – A Store with Low Product Prices and Good Service Now Closed was an online pharmacy that claimed to be the best in the business. We all know that it’s an overestimation of its website’s worth as there were many other online pharmacies on the web that had the same claim. Nevertheless, Safe Well Mart was a decent website in itself which offered quality medicines to its clients all over the world. Like other online pharmacies on the web, what Safe Well Mart specialized in selling were generic medicines. Yes, its site also sold branded drugs for its customers who were specifically looking for them but its branded products were just like 5% of its drug assortment. Since generic medicines were cheaper and they had the same effects as the branded medicines, Safe Well Mart promoted its sale and use to its clients. Concerning the quality of the meds that its site sold, Safe Well Mart assured its customers that all of the generics on its site were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as effective and safe medicines.

What many customers liked about Safe Well Mart was the affordable prices of its meds. Its clients saved a lot of money in purchasing from its website since its products were 90% cheaper than the medications that were available at the local pharmacies. This was because generic medicines were normally cheaper than branded drugs. This was a treat to the people that needed huge savings on medicines because Safe Well Mart had generic versions of the expensive drugs. On the site of Safe Well Mart, people were able to purchase more of their needed meds while saving great amounts of money at the same time. This was not the only advantage that the customers have enjoyed from Safe Well Mart because the generic medicines that they sold were just as effective as the branded medications which were sold locally. Generic medicines had the same active ingredients as the branded ones which means that they worked similarly.

The assortment that Safe Well Mart had were composed of both over the counter and prescription medicines which were classed under a wide range of categories. Among the medicine categories that it had include drugs which were used for allergies, cancer, asthma, diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin care, pain relief, penis enlargement, and many more. For its prescription drugs, Safe Well Mart never required its clients to provide scripts. This was another benefit that the customers have enjoyed on its website and this enabled them to purchase their medicines hassle-free. This was because patients were no longer obliged to have costly and time-consuming doctor appointments just to obtain scripts that would allow them to purchase their needed drugs. Customers simply selected the medicines that they needed and proceeded to the checkout page for payments with no other requirements other than their name, shipping address, and their payment details.

Regrettably, Safe Well Mart no longer exists as an online pharmacy. It simply disappeared on the web somewhere around the year 2017 to the dismay of its clients. The site made no announcements or anything that could’ve informed its customers before it completely terminated its operations. No one knows why it just left many of its clients hanging but there were speculations that its site and many other online pharmacies might have been among the sites that were forcefully closed down by large drugstore chains to eliminate competition. In a bid to get their customers back, these companies have launched a government-backed campaign that seized and shut down online medicine sources. But since there was no way to know for sure if this was indeed the reason, it just stayed as one of the most likely possibilities as to what happened to Safe Well Mart. Reviews

Due to the absence of third-party user reviews on the web for Safe Well Mart, what we will be using for analysis are the user reviews which could be found from within its own website. Third-party reviews are still reviews but these ones cannot be counted as 100% legit and reliable as these reviews can be manipulated and edited by the administrators of a website for their own benefit. Third-party reviews, on the other hand, are much better since these user testimonials are unbiased and transparent. But here are some of the user reviews from the site of Safe Well Mart, let’s see what they have to say for the store.

Safe Well Mart User Reviews
Safe Well Mart User Reviews

Eric Anderson was the name of the customer who gave the first review for Safe Well Mart. He was honest when he said that he was first skeptical about ordering from its site due to the number of scam pharmacies on the internet which were just looking to steal credit card information from the unsuspecting. So what he did was he called the customer service department of the site and got his doubts sorted out. He ordered his meds and received them within just 10 days in a neat packaging.

As for Sidney from Churchill, the medicine prices at Safe Well Mart were amazingly low. She recommends customers to buy from its site to avoid being ripped off. As a testimony, she shares that she has already placed two orders from its site and received them both on time. Reviews 2018

Safe Well Mart has already been closed for a long time and it’s not anymore possible to get any new reviews for it. But for those people who wanted to check how its site looked before it closed down, the captures are available on the web archives for viewing. Coupon Codes

Safe Well Mart ED Pack Discount
Safe Well Mart ED Pack Discount

It appears that Safe Well Mart had no discount offers or perks such as free pills or free shipping offered to its clients. But what it had was only a special deal on its ED packs, a deal which gave the customers 20% savings compared to buying individual ED pills.


Safe Well Mart was an online generic medicine source that sold products at low prices and provided good service to its customers. It had FDA-approved products and also sold prescription medicines without requiring its customers any scripts. Unfortunately, the site has already closed down for unknown reasons and is no longer accessible. For other potential pharmacy sites to purchase from, customers check our top list of recommended providers.

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