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365pills.mobi Review – A Closed Online Pharmacy with a Limited Catalog and Nice Prices

365pills.mobi is a web drugstore that appears to have been online for approximately one decade. The drugstore was established in the year 2008 and its life on the web ended around the year 2017. There was nothing on the drugstore website that could help me figure out its physical location. However, the drugstore stated vaguely that it is located outside the USA but its management was located both in the USA and Europe.

365 Pills was only selling medications focused on improving males health.  The medications available on its catalog included erectile dysfunction pills, premature ejaculation medications, and hair loss meds. The drugstore did not offer health solution to a lot of people. 365pills.mobi sold medications which had already been approved by the FDA.

To determine whether men had an easy time when purchasing their meds at 365pills.mobi, I decided to check the price for the impotence pills. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 0.77 dollars per pill. Generic Cialis would have cost males who prefer treating impotence using tadalafil 0.99 dollars per pill. A pill of generic Levitra was worth 1.99 dollars.

365pills.mobi was accepting payments only via credit cards. The accepted credit cards included VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. This is something I liked about the drugstore. Buyers who ordered and never received their meds would have had the chance to dispute the charges made to their cards and get their money back.

After paying for their meds, buyers expected them to arrive either via Express delivery or Regular Delivery. Express delivery would have cost the buyers 29.95 dollars. This method was the fastest since medications would only take 5 to 9 days before they arrived. The Express delivery method was trackable. The regular delivery was not trackable. This method would take approximately 2 to 3 business weeks before the meds arrived. The method was non-trackable. This shipping method was 100% free.

365pills.mobi was offering both refunds and re-shipping. These were being offered to buyers who failed to receive their orders. For any buyer who placed his order and then realized that he would want to cancel it, he had to submit an order cancel request within a period 12 hours since he placed his order. If the order cancellation request was not submitted within this period of time, the request would not be accepted. To cancel an order, the buyer needed to contact the customer support department and give them the order number together with the reason for canceling the order. To reach the customer support department, a buyer could use the pharmacy toll-free number which is 1 800 490 0365.

365pills.mobi Reviews

I tried locating any testimonials written by people who have sourced their meds at 365pills.mobi. I could not locate even a single testimonial for the pharmacy. This shows that 365pills.mobi was quite an unpopular online drugstore. This is something which is usually caused by an online pharmacy failing to offer quality services to their customers. Every popular drugstore I have come across online had a large number of reviews. Over 90% of these testimonials were positive.

One thing I have noticed about the fake online drug stores which are cropping up recently is that they have a large number of positive testimonials on their websites. These testimonials are created in such a way they make any unsuspecting buyer believe that he or she is dealing with a genuine online drugstore. The reviews are used as a marketing technique and they never reflect the actual functioning of the drugstore. It is, therefore, extremely important to avoid trusting testimonials available on the pharmacy official website. Believing these reviews is the easiest way to get fooled into purchasing your meds from a fake online drugstore.

365pills.mobi 2018 Reviews

365pills.mobi did not have any reviews written in 2018. The drugstore went down back in 2017. However, to try and determine whether the pharmacy was offering any great services, I decided to check its domain address using Scamadviser.com which helps people determine whether a pharmacy is real or fake. I have captured the results that I got below:

365pills.mobi Scam Adviser

After checking 365pills.mobi on Scam Adviser, the program could not really determine where this pharmacy is located. This could have been because the store website was not online when I checked its domain address. The drugstore, however, appeared to have had an above average safety rating. It scored a 65%. However, in order to trust an online drugstore with your money and hope that it will deliver high-quality medications, it needs to have a 100% safety rating. The fact that 365pills.mobi is not 100% safe shows that there would be some risks involved when sourcing meds from the drugstore. Scam Adviser reported that 365pills.mobi might be unsafe. Also, the site appeared to have had a malware.

365pills.mobi Coupon Codes

365pills.mobi did not have any coupon codes. However, the drugstore was offering some special offers. The first offer I found on the site was its free shipping. Buyers would get their medications shipped for free using the standard airmail shipping irrespective of the amount of money they had spent on these meds. I have captured the other offer I found below:

365pills.mobi Discount

For buyers who ordered more than two times at 365pills.mobi, they were being given a 10% discount on all their orders.


365pills.mobi is a pharmacy that decided to focus only on the male health niche. The store did not cater to the health issues related to females. The store had nice prices for all its medications. 365 pills had a refund policy which made sure that buyers who failed to receive their meds got their money back. The drugstore accepted credit cards which allowed buyers to dispute their charges in case the drugstore failed to refund them. However, this store did not appear trustworthy to me given that it has no testimonials both on its site and on third-party review collecting sites.

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