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Copy of 680 Canadian Review – Another Store Seized By the Government is another unfortunate online pharmacy that was shut down by the government. According to the message I saw on its domain, it has been seized by the US and EU government for suspicion of selling counterfeit medicines on the web. Canadian Med Shop was another unfortunate casualty of government seizures of online pharmacy stores, a habit that the government has developed to favor big pharmaceutical companies.

Although I agree with the government it shutting down operators that are explicitly scamming customers, in some cases, the government is also seizing online drugstores that are otherwise benign. Some good operators I’ve known were shut down by the government in favor of big drug companies in the US since these online drugstores are capable of offering better deals to its customers. I’m not saying that the store Canadian Med Shop was a legit store undeserving of being shut down by the government, but my point is, not all seized online pharmacies are scam stores – some are just truly unfortunate and perhaps at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like the common online drugstore, Canadian Med Shop sold medicines mostly for erectile dysfunction, but the shop also had other products like treatments for skin diseases, diabetes, gastric disorders, and plenty others. Medicines sold by the shop were actually cheap – its Accutane was $0.95 per pill, Clomid was $0.69 per pill, and Viagra was $0.99 per pill. Sure, there are cheaper prices than the ones offered at Canadian Med Shop, but compared to local drugstore prices, medicines prices on Canadian Med Shop were a steal.

While most online pharmacies enforce a no-Rx purchase for all their items, I couldn’t verify if this was the case with Canadian Med Shop considering its inaccessible information section. I wasn’t also able to check the store’s shipping rates, but I saw on its main page that it offered a “trackable” shipping service and a regular shipping service. As for payments, Canadian Med Shop accepted VISA credit and E-checks, nothing more.

Buyers were able to contact Canadian Med Shop using its messaging integration and its live chat support. Reviews

I checked for online reviews involving the store Canadian Med Shop, but the online pharmacy, like the average web drugstore, did not have any buyer attention on the web. Yes, Canadian Med Shop did have mentions from bloggers here and there, but there were no substantial reviews from buyers who have bought anything from Canadian Med Shop personally.

Blogger reviews for the Canadian Med Shop were mixed – some users thought the store looked pretty much like a scam store, while the other bloggers thought that Canadian Med Shop deserved a chance. Nevertheless, I still find these opinions inconclusive since none of these authors experienced first hand the Canadian Med Shop service. Reviews 2018

Data on the web archive for Canadian Med Shop suggests that the shop was already seized in 2016, which means that there could no longer be buyer testimonials for the shop in 2018. True enough, there weren’t any more blogger comments for Canadian Med Shop in 2018, let alone customer reviews for the platform. Because of this, I was forced to use a third-party platform to help me evaluate Canadian Med Shop even beyond the grave:

Canadian Med Shop Details
Canadian Med Shop Details

Scamner notes that there are two good things about the Canadian Med Shop store: one, that it has been working for 3+ years; and two, that it’s still not included in Google’s list of unsafe sites. However, there are several points that Scamner has deemed disconcerting about Canadian Med Shop:

  1. Canadian Med Shop was identified as a scam store
  2. Canadian Med Shop was reported as a spam site
  3. Canadian Med Shop was not trustworthy
  4. Canadian Med Shop did not have many visitors

Because of the concerns for the Canadian Med Shop store, the shop was only given a low trust rating – a zero over 100 percent. Coupon Codes

Free Viagra Pills on Canadian Med Shop
Free Viagra Pills on Canadian Med Shop

Like the typical online pharmacy, the Canadian Med Shop store had no coupon codes to offer its clients. However, this store had several deals in place, like the one illustrated in the image below:

According to the online pharmacy details, Canadian Med Shop offered at least 4 free pills on every order. Users with more than $300 worth of orders, however, are given 12 free Viagra pills. Since the store’s web archive information was inaccessible in some areas, I failed to determine if there were any other offers available on the shop, like for instance, free shipping or added discounts.


Canadian Med Shop was a shop seized by the government in 2016. It was not clear, however, why Canadian Med Shop was forcibly shut down by the government – there were no specific charges laid out for the store, so I think this is another case of power trip by the government and big pharmaceutical companies.

We can’t expect Canadian Med Shop to return in the near future, given the lack of updates from its owners, so if you’re a former client of this store, it’s time to select new web pharmacies to patronize. I suggest using shops included on our list of Top Web Vendors for the year since these stores are the best in terms of pricing and reliability.

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