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Edrugnet.Net Review – Cheap Drugstore Closed in the Big Pharma Attempt to Secure Their Unaffordable Meds

It has never been an easy time for the Big Pharma when online med stores are thriving. The online pharmacies sell the same medications that the Big Pharma sells. However, buyers will prefer buying meds online instead of buying them in the local pharmacies due to extremely low prices. For this reason, the local drug stores are left without anyone to sell their meds to at a rip off price. The only way the Big Pharma can get the customers back is to eliminate their alternatives.

When I tried loading Edrugnet.Net, the page that stared at me contained logos from different security agents from around the globe. The page indicated that the pharmacy had been seized due to trafficking counterfeit goods. However, since I already knew nothing on Edrugnet.Net was counterfeit, I decided to dig a little bit more. What I realized is that the drugstore was closed so that the Big Pharma can try and get customers to buy meds in the local pharmacies at an exorbitant price. The Big Pharma is using all possible means to close as many online pharmacies selling generic meds. If people don’t have any cheap option, they will buy the uber-expensive pills being sold in the local pharmacies. This is Big Pharma’s aim.

Edrugnet.Net was a drugstore that focused on selling medications which had already received approval from the FDA operating in their respective manufacturing countries. The drugstore was selling both generic and brand name medications. Looking at the drugstore catalog on the pharmacy website captured on web archives, I realized that buyers had the ability to source a solution to almost every health complication on this drugstore. The site had a huge catalog. Some of the meds available on the drugstore catalog included skin care medications, asthma medications, hypertension, cardiovascular drugs, osteoporosis meds, diuretics, birth control pills, alcoholism meds, and others.

To gauge whether the meds being sold by Edrugnet.Net were affordable, I checked the price at which erectile dysfunction medications were being sold on the drugstore. The pharmacy had extremely low prices in comparison with the prices Big Pharma sells the ED meds. A pill of generic Viagra would have cost buyers only 0.83 dollars. Males who prefer treating their impotence using tadalafil, generic Cialis was costing them 1.32 dollars. The most expensive medication on Edrugnet.Net which could be used in eliminating impotence is generic Levitra which would cost buyers 1.80 dollars per pill.

Now, let’s look at the price of brand Viagra in the local pharmacies so that you can understand why the big pharma is struggling to get customers such that it is even using shady methods such as closing online med stores:

Brand Viagra Cost in the Local Pharmacies
Brand Viagra Cost in the Local Pharmacies

At CVS, buyers are required to pay 69.70 dollars for each pill of brand Viagra. At Walgreens and Walmart, these buyers are required to pay 72.10 dollars and 69.11 dollars respectively. Simple calculations should show you that buying Viagra online instead of a local drugstore will save the buyer more than 95% of his money.

When you consider the method of payment Edrugnet.Net was accepting, it will become clear that this drugstore was not a scam like the authorities claim which further proves that the drugstore was closed to eliminate competition. The drugstore was accepting credit cards as the sole payment method. If a buyer pays for his or her meds using a credit card and the drugstore fails to deliver, he or she can dispute the charges made on the card. This is why scam stores do not accept credit cards.

Edrugnet.Net was using two methods to ship meds to buyers. These are courier service and standard international Airmail. The latter method would cost the buyer $0 and the delivery was 10 to 21 days. If the buyer wanted to get meds faster, he or she could use the courier service which would cost him or her 20 dollars only and also offer tracking service.

Contacting Edrugnet.Net was easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option which I did not get to try out since the store is already offline. The pharmacy also had 2 phone numbers which are 1 866 417 5821 (US) and +44 203 011 0298. It is important to note that fake pharmacies hide their contact details as much as possible.

Edrugnet.Net Reviews

I could not locate any testimonials written by buyers who had already used Edrugnet.Net. Also, I could not locate any complaints about the pharmacy. If Edrugnet.Net focused on selling fake medications like the security agents which have already captured it claim, the drugstore is supposed to have bitter complaints from people who had received these counterfeit goods. Since they are not available, the “counterfeit goods” reason must have been used as an excuse.

Edrugnet.Net Reviews 2018

Edrugnet.Net appears to have been seized either in 2017 or at the beginning of 2018. This means that getting its testimonials written in 2018 is not possible. However, since no complaints are available in 2018 about the drugstore, I can assume that no one got ripped off his or her money by Edrugnet.Net in 2018.

Edrugnet.Net Coupon Codes

Edrugnet.Net Offers

Instead of focusing on offering coupon codes, Edrugnet.Net was allowing its customers to save their money via automatic discounts which became available during re-orders. These discounts are as follows:

When a buyer order for the second time, he or she would get a 5% discount. 3rd, 4th, and 5th-time buyers were getting 6%, 7%, and 8% discounts respectively.


In an attempt to get people to buy meds sold at exorbitant prices in the local pharmacies, the Big Pharma is closing genuine online shops which sell the genuine brand and generic pills at the price buyers can afford. The Big Pharma has already managed to use the security agencies to shut down Edrugnet.Net under the excuse the drugstore sells counterfeit meds. Looking at Edrugnet.Net, the pharmacy had nice prices and no counterfeit products on its catalog.

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