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Empire-pharmacy.com Review – A Closed Shop Claiming to Have Served 1,000,000+ Customers

Empire-pharmacy.com is an online pharmacy that had its location in Manitoba Canada. The pharmacy was established back in 2001 and seems to have sold its medication online for a period of 15 years before finally disappearing from the internet back in 2016. The store indicated on its website that it was offering medications which have already been approved by the FDA. According to the drugstore website, the pharmacy had already received approval from CIPA and MIPA which means its operations were legal as per the Canadian Pharmacy Regulations.

Empire Pharmacy carried almost every medication which can be used in the treatment of the common health problems. Some of the meds on the drugstore catalog included diabetes medication, erectile dysfunction pills, blood pressure pills, allergy meds, asthma medication, birth control pills, arthritis meds and others. To determine whether the pharmacy was affordable for people, I checked the price at which the impotence pills were being sold. The pharmacy had very low prices. A pill of generic Viagra would cost the buyer $0.27 while its brand version was worth 2.56 dollars per pill. Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of only 0.68 dollars per pill while the brand Cialis pill would cost a buyer 3.72 dollars. Generic Levitra was worth only 1 dollar per pill.

The pharmacy did not require buyers to get a prescription script first before purchasing their medications on the drugstore. This made it extremely convenient for buyers who did not have access to a doctor to buy their meds. Drugs were being paid for using only credit cards. The credit cards Empire-pharmacy.com accepted included Visa and Mastercard.

The shipping was being done via two main methods. These are the airmail method which would cost buyers $9.95 and take about 2 to 3 business weeks before the meds arrived. The other method was the EMS courier delivery. This method was more expensive since it would cost buyers $19.95. However, the shipping method would take approximately 3 to 8 business days before meds arrive. The medications were usually shipped about 24 hours after an order had been placed. After medications had left Empire-pharmacy.com, these meds could not be returned. However, the pharmacy was offering to re-ship and even refund damaged and lost packages.

To be refunded, the buyer would need to contact the customer support department. The pharmacy did not have a live chat option. However, it made up for this using two phone numbers. The numbers were +1 718 487 9792 (US) and +4420 3239 7092 (UK).

Empire-pharmacy.com Reviews

I searched for Empire Pharmacy testimonials on third-party sites which focus on collecting testimonials. I could not locate any site that had this drugstore reviews. I shifted my focus to browsing the drugstore website captured on web archives. Here, the drugstore had testimonials on its own website. These were overly positive. I have captured them below:

Empire-pharmacy.com User Reviews

Dorothy from Andorra reports that Empire-pharmacy.com offers excellent service. The drugstore dealt with her order efficiently. The store has good prices and it offered her value for the money she spent on the meds. Samuel from Irish France says that the shipping was speedy and Empire pharmacy kept him informed about the day to day progress. He has been using Empire-pharmacy.com for several years and he loves how the pharmacy operates.

Sarah from Spain is thankful for the courteous and fast service she got while using Empire-pharmacy.com. She appreciates the high-quality service. She says that this kind of service is rare nowadays and it cannot go unnoticed. She is thankful to all the people who formulated her product and to the drugstore which managed to deliver it to her very quickly.

The above reviews will look enticing, especially when you don’t know what goes on in different online pharmacies. I have come across numerous online pharmacies which have nice testimonials on their website but in the real sense, they are fake. The reviews are created by the pharmacy management with a major aim of manipulating the buyers so that they can steal from them. Therefore, onsite reviews are not always trustworthy.

Empire-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

As I had mentioned earlier on, Empire-pharmacy.com appears to have disappeared from the internet about 2 years before 2018. This means that the med store does not have any 2018 testimonials. Below, I have captured more testimonials I found on the drugstore website:

Empire-pharmacy.com User Reviews

Leeroy from Italy reports that he has ordered three times from Empire-pharmacy.com. He always got his order. He did not have to wait for a long time before meds arrived. The package content was fine. He is pleased with the drugstore. He managed to save money.

Charles reports that he enjoyed much savings when sourcing his meds at Empire-pharmacy.com instead of sourcing them in the local pharmacies. He also gets free gifts. Jessica got the pills she wanted at a price she could afford.

Empire-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Empire Pharmacy had no coupon codes online. However, the pharmacy had nice offers on its website when the buyer added medications to the cart. I have captured the offers below:

Empire-pharmacy.com Offers

The pharmacy was offering free erectile dysfunction pills. The number of free pills a buyer got depended on the amount of money he or she was spending on the meds. The drugstore offered a 10% discount and free shipping to people whose orders cost them more than 200 dollars.


Empire-pharmacy.com is not online anymore. This pharmacy had really nice prices. Also, the pharmacy was accepting payments via credit cards which means its users had the ability to dispute any charges made to these cards if the pharmacy failed to deliver the meds they had paid for. The pharmacy lacked any proven reviews. This is the reason I wouldn’t trust it even if it were online right now.

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