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Generic Review – Possibly a Europe-Based Shop, as its name implies, is a pharmacy service selling generic medicines to online consumers. The shop is not as common-looking as the stores I’ve browsed before – instead of the generic templates, the shop appeared to have its own website arrangement. It’s not as modern as most stores with heavy graphics, but the shop made sure that it looked lively enough for the buyers.

Honestly, there’s very limited information available on this website. First of all, it does not have an “About Us” page which should orient the visitors about the basic details of the store. I can only deduce that the store’s based in Europe or at least catering mostly to consumers in Europe given its euro prices and no conversions to USD. However, this is still a hunch considering there’s no solid information on Generic Meds Store concerning its location. Generic Meds Store’s start date is not disclosed on the website, but based on the data from a third-party website I used to evaluate Generic Meds Store with, this online pharmacy was created in 2010.

Generic Meds Store only offers medicines for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and plenty of other medical conditions. Apart from these products, the store also offers herbal options for consumers who are interested in alternative treatments instead of the mainstream prescription medicines (at least for impotence, weight loss, and general health concerns). According to Generic Meds Store, most of its products are generic but it also has medicines from brand name manufacturers like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and others. The FDA approvals of these products are out of the question, but the generics, on the other hand, are not yet approved by the US FDA but are certified by the national FDA of their respective manufacturers.

When it comes to prescriptions, it is unclear whether Generic Meds Store obliges its consumers to provide the Rx; however, since there’s nothing on the store mentioning that the store requires the buyers to send their scripts, I presume that buyers can purchase meds at Generic Meds Store without prescriptions.

Here are some of the most popular items on Generic Meds Store and their prices:

  • Vikalis (generic Tadalafil): $2.01 per pill
  • Chocolate Slim shake: $37.24 per bottle
  • Generic Cialis from Pfizer: $9.57 per pill

Regarding payments, the Generic Meds Store allows buyers to pay for their orders using credit cards (VISA), through Western Union, and via bank transfer. As for shipping, Generic Meds Store charges $39 for the regular option and $70 for the express option. Orders of more than 100 pills, on the other hand, are charged $78 – which, I think, is quite expensive.

As for lost orders, customers are advised to contact Generic Meds Store for reshipments or refunds.

To contact Generic Meds Store there’s a live chat support and an email function. Reviews

Surprisingly, the store Generic Meds Store is one of the web pharmacies with third-party reviews from its clients. However, this shop has had mixed responses from its clients – some buyers were happy with their orders, while some were mad that they were unable to receive their items from the store.

Generic Meds Store Reviews
Generic Meds Store Reviews

According to one reviewer who posted on Complaints Board, the store Generic Meds Store was a total rip-off because the shop did not send him his order worth nearly $300. He mentioned that after 5 weeks of follow-up, the shop remained silent and did not resolve his concern. This user urged the other buyers to steer clear of this shop because of its scamming activities.

Generic Meds Store Reviews
Generic Meds Store Reviews

However, several users disputed this negative comment for Generic Meds Store. A member named “elody” mentioned that he was a regular client of Generic Meds Store and has successfully received all of his 4 orders from the shop. According to him, Generic Meds Store was efficient and has offered great value for his money.

Review for Generic Meds Store
Review for Generic Meds Store

Other consumers have also written their feedback for Generic Meds Store on other third-party platforms like Pharmacy Reviewer. Most of the users there had good feedback for the shop, but one, DL16, a top 100 reviewer of the site, gave the shop poor remarks because he allegedly received counterfeit products from Generic Meds Store.

Review for Generic Meds Store
Review for Generic Meds Store Reviews 2018

One recent review for Generic Meds Store was this comment from Claire:

Generic Meds Store Review
Generic Meds Store Review

According to her, her Zolpidem order from Generic Meds Store was quite effective, hence her excellent rating for the store.

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Generic Meds Store Analysis

Despite the good comment, however, the store still struggles when it comes to domain assessment results. For instance, it was determined to have a missing SSL certificate and was identified as an online scam and spam store. Websites like warns customers against transacting with Generic Meds Store due to these results. Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were available for Generic Meds Store, but the shop has other discounts forms for its consumers:

Generic Meds Store Offer

Generic Meds Store Offer
Generic Meds Store Offer

For instance, the store is offering special prices for orders of more than 300 pills. Generic Meds Store is also running a summer offer which entitles the buyers for a 30% discount on their purchases.


Generic Meds Store is an online pharmacy that’s possibly based in Europe and established in 2010. For me, it has fair prices – not the best online, but certainly not the most expensive prices on the web. This store has had quite a number of third-party reviews which were mostly positive although the shop also had negative feedback from its former clients. Results for this store’s domain analysis were unpleasant as it was identified as a scam store so if you’re planning to use this Generic Meds Store, make sure to research it first to make sure it’s safe to use.

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