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Iwantmeds.com Review – A Generic Selling Pharmacy With Positive Customers’ Feedback

Iwantmeds.com is a generic drugs pharmacy with an unknown location purporting to sell their products at a price that is 80%less that the cost of brand medications. The physical location for iwantmeds.com has not been indicated on their website though the information on Scam Advisor claims that the website is located in the United States. The operations of IWantMeds started in 2006 which puts it among the longest-service online pharmacies.

The categories list where all available products are listed shows that customers can access a wide variety of generic medications. The classifications will make it easier for customers to know the range of products that he can use for any particular health condition. Looking at the categories, it is evident that almost all the common ailments are catered for which will ensure that one does not have to waste time searching for medications in different pharmacies.

There is an attractive display of the bestsellers and I noted medications such as Generic Viagra with a marked price of $0.81, Generic Cialis selling at $1.32, Generic Levitra, Generic Addyi, Generic Synthroid, Generic Vaniqa, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Janumet, Generic Lasix, Generic Ovulation Test, Generic Pill Splitter, Generic Januvia, Generic Tarceva, Viagra Super Active, Zenegra, Generic Rogaine, Generic Syphilis Test, Generic Revatio, and Viagra Super Force.

Once you have selected the medications, I noted that one can pay using a credit card, moneygram or Western Union. The duration that the bank that is authorizing the transaction will take will determine how long it will take for the order to be processed and shipped.

There will be no charge for shipping any order that one will place which will lower the total cost of buying drugs online. One will also be able to order and receive an order from any location apart from some Asia countries. If you need to receive your medications fast, you can use the Trackable Courier method but for this, a fee of $20 will be paid for the service.

There are two phone numbers that can be used to call the support team, one for the US customers which are 1 866 417 5821 and the other one for UK customers which is +44 203 011 0298. Iwantmeds.com claims that their live support is available 24/7/360 which means that no customer will require help and fail to get someone to talk to at any time. The live chat is quite reliable as I was able to get an answer to my query within a short duration.

Iwantmeds.com Reviews

I came across a discussion that was ongoing in a review forum where the participants were discussing the quality of the services that customers get from iwantmeds.com.

Iwantmeds Review
Iwantmeds Review

Redchan wanted to buy some Ultram medications from iwantmeds.com and was asking for the opinion of the rest of the forum members in regards to how the services that were offered. He claimed that he was afraid that this could turn out to be a scam due to the low prices they were selling the medications though he was quick to note that the reviews about iwantmeds.com were positive.

Iwantmeds.com Review

Spanish Carlos purchased 30 pills of Tramadol 50mg and he was glad that they were the same as the drug he had been previously taking. He promised to update the forum members about the effectiveness of the drugs. According to him, the price and the time of delivery are very good.

Iwantmeds.com Review

Jewel 1 purchased generic Tramadol from iwantmeds.com which she claims looked different from the ones her husband’s doctor had prescribed. She says that though they provided relief from the pain, the relief did not last for as long as the previous medications lasted and this made her wonder if they were authentic. She added that he would continue using the pills and would give an update regarding her husband’s progress in the future.

Iwantmeds.com Reviews 2018

I tried searching for recent testimonials all over the internet about the operations of iwantmeds.com but nothing came up. As a result, I decided to check for scam advisor’s report about it and noted that the site had been threat listed. It was indicated that though the iwantmeds.com claims to be located in the United States, the real location is hidden.

Iwantmeds.com Coupon Codes

Iwantmeds.com Discounts

To show how much iwantmeds.com values their customers, several discounts are on offer depending on the number of times one will place an order.

The second order will attract a 5% discount, the third order a 6% discounts, the fourth order a 7% discount and the fifth order a discount of 8%. No discount will be offered on the first order.

Iwantmeds.com Free Shipping Offer

Regardless of the destination of an order, the shipping that will be done using the international standard mail will be free. Customers who will require a faster delivery of their orders will pay a $20 fee so that the express mails service can be used.


Iwantmeds.com is a long-serving pharmacy that only sells generic medications that are manufactured in India. The website has been arranged in such a way that the customers will have an easy time when placing their orders and when the order has been paid for, there will be no charges to have the order delivered.

The customers who have purchased from iwantmeds.com say that the orders are delivered on time and that the prices are quite affordable. Though it will not be possible to purchase brand medications, the generic medications that customers can access seem to work as well as the expensive brand medications.

Iwantmeds.com has a way of encouraging customers to keep shopping from them by proving increasing discounts on repeat orders. Looking at the scamadviser report, however, it is indicated that the website has been threat listed and would not be completely safe to buy from.

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