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Premium Review – A Closed Pharmacy Site with Very Little Solid Information Left

Very little information on the web is available for What makes it even more difficult to retrieve information for this website is the fact that this site didn’t even have any traces on the web archives. The web archives is a place on the web where captures of billions of website are stored, even the ones that are already closed. Since doesn’t have any records saved on the web archives, we can only conclude that its existence on the internet is very brief. We can assume that its site only existed for just a few weeks or just a couple of months.

But luckily, some independent pharmacy review websites on the internet had some information of its site saved, although these ones are still pretty limited. The image of above is just one of the very few images of its site that can be found and it’s not even big enough to be useful. But looking on the image of the site above, it appears that it was once a legitimately operating pharmacy website that sold medicines on the internet. Just like other online pharmacies on the web, it had a bestsellers section where the list of its most frequently purchased products are located for the easy access of its customers.

By the looks of, it really appeared to be a full-blown, operational online pharmacy as it even had customer service hotlines available. Though the phone numbers above are not very legible due to the small size of the image, the website that offered information about managed to capture these details before the site completely disappeared.

Premium-pharmacy Contact Numbers

The contact numbers that it had were +1 855 306 9027, +1 316 202 5166, and +1 733270 2818. The first two hotlines were exclusively for its US customers while the last one was for all of its international clients. This then shows us that’s operation was global as it catered to customers from different parts of the world. Whether these hotlines operated 24/7 or not, we no longer know but the fact that it had support numbers meant that it was a legit online medicine source.

Judging from the image of its site above, it looked like the page of was easy to use as it had language and currency options available. This allowed its customers to see the information on its website in their own language as well as the prices in their own currency. As for the size of its medicine selection, we can only guess as none was indicated on its image concerning the range of drug categories that it offered. But based on the typical range of products that most online pharmacies had, we can say that did not offer a product selection that is as comprehensive as the local drugstores. It probably offered the most popular medicines on its website as a sure way of getting people to visit its page.

Since we’re already likening to other online pharmacies, we might as well conclude that most of the meds on its product selection were generic drugs. This is because the typical products that the internet-based drugstores sold were generics and these meds were the perfect alternative to the locally sold drugs because of their effectiveness and cheap price. The usual price of generic medicines was cheaper by 90% compared to their branded counterparts and it’s not impossible to say that might have had a good number of clients who ordered from its site.

For other specific information about, the sites that had some details regarding its website managed to capture the shipping and payment options that it offered. appeared to have offered registered airmail and express mail service to its customers at reasonable rates and also accepted VISA, MasterCard, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and eCheck payments.

Premium-pharmacy Already Closed

As for the reason why its site has closed down, no one knows what made the owners of decide to pull the site out of the web. It might be a financial issue or something else, we don’t know. But all we know is that they no longer bothered to inform their customers or the internet about it and disappeared quietly. Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no saved or archived reviews for on the web which makes it difficult for us to determine whether it was a good medicine source back when it existed or not. The user/customer reviews for its site are our only way of knowing how it really serviced its clients or whether the products that it sold were of excellent quality or poor. It’s a sad fact that it neither had positive or negative reviews and one factor that might have caused this was the briefness of its existence on the internet. No independent review websites have any user testimonials for its site and neither did have a reviews section where its customers could’ve conveniently given their commendations or complaints about its products and services.

Since its site literally doesn’t have any reviews, what we can only say about it is that its existence was too short to get any solid attention. There are thousands of other online drugstores on the web and not many people might have known about its site. Reviews 2018

If didn’t have any reviews then, all the more that its site won’t get any reviews now. Aside from the fact that its site no longer exists, the available information about it on the internet is too scarce for us to find anything such as reviews or customer testimonials. Coupon Codes might have had promotional offers such as product discounts or freebies but there’s no longer any way for us to know what they were. There isn’t any more information about its site on the web and we can only speculate if it really did have anything or not.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy whose existence on the web was so brief that it was almost untraceable due to the lack of any solid information about its site. But fortunately, there were sites that had details about it albeit these also contained limited details. It literally had no user reviews and very little information is known about its existence. For a collection of trusted and reliable online pharmacies, check our list of top recommended providers.

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