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Copy of 531 Privatepharmacy Review – Another Government-Seized Site – But is it Really a Scam Store? was a former online drugstore that was actually named Pharmaplax. It sold generic medicines and claimed that its prices were 75% cheaper than brand-name medications with the same function. The store featured a prescription-free ordering process that perhaps appealed to most buyers considering most consumers are averting extra costs brought by doctor visits and securing prescriptions for medicines they need.

I am sure that is now closed since its platform has this glaring warning message from the US government stating that Private Pharmacy Net’s website is already seized. According to the notice, the domain was dissolved due to the government’s suspicion that the store was involved in selling counterfeit goods online. Honestly, although I find it favorable that the government is seeking out illegal operators, I think this is action is somewhat tainted by politics considering the government’s partnerships with massive pharmaceutical companies. Yes, I am totally against fake goods circulating the web, but this doesn’t mean that all of the websites seized are actually selling counterfeit products. In some instances (and I’m not saying that Private Pharmacy Net is one of them), seized websites are actually good website operators that, unfortunately, too, were seized so that the big pharma companies can further their hold in the US and other countries.

Back to reviewing this Private Pharmacy Net store – according to the information found on the former Private Pharmacy Net website, the store has started its service in 2008 although actually, the earliest records for this web drugstore were found in February 2003. There was no mention of the store’s location or at least where its site was hosted, although the shop mentioned that it was capable of shipping to all countries of the world.

Medicines sold by Private Pharmacy Net were generics from renowned companies like CIPLA, Ranbaxy, AstraZeneca, Ajanta Pharma, Sanofi-Aventis, and even GlaxoSmithKline. According to the store, its products were produced in ISO certified facilities and were approved by the Indian FDA.

Products available on Private Pharmacy Net included medicines for HIV, obesity, women’s health, fertility, blood pressure, and plenty of others. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, prescriptions weren’t necessary for any of the products on Private Pharmacy Net, but the store emphasized the need for consumers to get checked by their doctors before they order from the pharmacy.

As for the payments, Private Pharmacy Net accepted customer payments via E-checks and via credit cards like MasterCard and VISA. Returns were not allowed on Private Pharmacy Net, but the store promised to replace or refund payments in case of lost orders. Reviews

I checked the former records of the Private Pharmacy Net store, but the shop did not have on-site reviews like the other online pharmacies. Well, even if these reviews were around, it’s still hard for me to trust these reviews in case since they just originate from the store and may be biased towards the platform.

I have also checked the web for possible mentions for Private Pharmacy Net on renowned third-party platforms like Trust Pilot, Reseller Ratings, and other sites, but unfortunately, there were no data available for Private Pharmacy Net anywhere on the web. There were blogger reviews for the website (and mind you, they were not at all positive towards Private Pharmacy Net), but they were only from authors who have had no experience using the shop Private Pharmacy Net in the past. Reviews 2018

Private Pharmacy Net was closed down for several years now so we can’t really expect the store to have 2018 reviews. Well, past reports for Private Pharmacy Net weren’t accessible, so I assume that 2018 reports for Private Pharmacy Net were also not around. However, even if Private Pharmacy Net did not have reviews from actual clients who have tried using the platform, I used a domain assessing service to evaluate the website and to help me gain more information about Private Pharmacy Net.

Private Pharmacy Web Assessment Result
Private Pharmacy Web Assessment Result

According to the result for Private Pharmacy Net on Scamner (the website I used for Private Pharmacy Net), the highlights of the assessment were the following:

  • Google hasn’t yet reported Private Pharmacy Net as unsafe
  • Private Pharmacy Net has worked for more than 3 years
  • Surprisingly, Private Pharmacy Net has its own SSL certificate

However, although those were somewhat “good” reports, there were also disquieting details found out for Private Pharmacy Net. According to the result:

  • Private Pharmacy Net is nearly expiring
  • Private Pharmacy Net does not have any trust records available
  • Its owner is using an anonymous service to hide his details

Overall, despite some positive notes on Private Pharmacy Net, the shop was still given a low 0% trust score. Coupon Codes

I checked for coupon codes available on Private Pharmacy Net but the shop seemed to have no available coupon codes for its buyers. However, the shop had several promotional offers in place:

Private Pharmacy Net Promos
Private Pharmacy Net Promos

As you can see in the image above, Private Pharmacy Net offered several deals to its buyers:

  • Free airmail shipping for orders $200 above
  • Free pills – 4 for basic orders, 10 for 90 pill orders, and free ED trial packs for more than 90 pill orders
  • Low prices for bulk orders

These deals may have helped the customers save whenever purchasing their meds on Private Pharmacy Net.


Private Pharmacy Net is now a seized site and although the government is telling us that the store was involved in selling counterfeit products, there is very little proof that the shop actually did sell illicit medicines online. Nevertheless, it is still closed and buyers should make the shift – there is a need to use active, reliable online pharmacies selling legit and affordably-priced medicines online. I suggest using the stores found on our TOP Online Pharmacies list for the year if in case you’re looking for stores to trust for your medicines.

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