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Rx-prescriptions.com Review – Perhaps One of the Earliest Incepted Web Pharmacies

Rx-prescriptions.com was perhaps one of the earliest online pharmacies on the web prescriptions market considering it was active from 2001, a time when the online pharmacy business is still somewhat new to the consumers. The store appeared to be active from 2001 to 2005, although I think that the web archive records couldn’t accurately represent the time frame that Rx Prescriptions was actually online. Rx Prescriptions, now, has been closed for years, and its former domain, Rx-prescriptions.com, is now for sale.

The shop Rx Prescriptions prided itself on selling authentic brands for various medical conditions. Rx Prescriptions was known for offering medicines for weight loss, sexual health, skin care, hair loss, birth control, and several others.

According to the information on Rx Prescriptions, it was based in the United States and has only sold medicines that are approved by the United States FDA. The store, unlike online pharmacies available now, only provided products directly from brand manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer, GSK, and a host of other companies.

Besides selling relatively cheaper medicines, Rx Prescriptions was also one of the online pharmacies that offered free web consultations for its consumers. The shop had physicians who were able to assess the consumers’ health so that they can prescribe Rx for them if they do not have prescriptions available, especially for medicines intended for embarrassing medical conditions like impotence, hair loss, premature ejaculation, and a host of other stigmatized medical conditions.

As for the best-selling products on Rx Prescriptions, the shop had the following most popular items:

  • Phentermine
  • Bontril ST
  • Tenuate
  • Didrex
  • Adipex
  • Xenical

According to the store, customers may order Propecia for as low as $119, Viagra for as low as $69, Adipex for as low as $144, and Ionamin for as low as $139. These prices may be cheap for brand name products, but since these were records from the year 2001, these prices may be cheaper than the actual prices for these medicines in the present time.

It appears that the store Rx Prescriptions has only shipped the products to consumers in the United States, but according to the information on the site, it did not ship its items to residents in the Nevada area.

Although the store had information available, I was unable to determine other details such as its former shipping rates. However, I was able to see that the shop has previously accepted VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and E-check payments on its platform. Rx Prescriptions has also shipped buyer orders through FedEx, so I’m guessing the store had expensive shipping rates.

The shop offered customer care in the form of phone support, although the shop also offered messaging support for its consumers. The store’s domain is now for sale and I wasn’t able to discover what became of this online pharmacy or why it shut down.

Rx-prescriptions.com Reviews

I checked for Rx Prescriptions reviews, first on the web, from third-party review platforms that might have had files of the Rx Prescriptions shop in the past. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy appeared to have no reviews from its consumers, even from prolific sources.

I have also tried to look for reviews on-site just so I am able to refer to some of these reviews even if they are not 100% reliable. On-site reviews are almost always positive and were always constructive of the sites they were published in and in most cases, hard to verify. For this reason, I have always shied away from these reviews, or at least taken them objectively. In the case of Rx Prescriptions, however, there were no available customer reviews even on-site, so it’s hard to tell if the store was reliable before or not.

Rx-prescriptions.com Reviews 2018

Since Rx Prescriptions has closed down years ago and that its domain is now for sale, I could not expect the store to have current reviews for its service. I have also tried searching details for the store using domain analysis websites, but in the end, they have turned up nothing for Rx Prescriptions. I think the store’s reviews may be somewhere on the web, but since the store’s been closed for long, the data may have been buried deep and hence inaccessible.

Since the store did not actually have complaints, I can say that somehow Rx Prescriptions has operated in good faith.

Rx-prescriptions.com Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes on Rx Prescriptions last time I checked, but it seems that Rx Prescriptions has offered free shipping for its products:

Free Shipping on Rx Prescriptions
Free Shipping on Rx Prescriptions

There were free shipping labels on some of the Rx Prescriptions products but there were no specific details for the free shipping offers on the Rx Prescriptions store.


Rx Prescriptions was an online pharmacy that perhaps was one of the earliest online pharmacies in the market. It only sold brand name treatments and offered no-Rx purchases of Rx meds by offering online consultations for its consumers. The prices for the meds on Rx Prescriptions were not cheap since all of the medicines were brand-name products from renowned manufacturers.

Even if the store seemed well-put, the Rx Prescriptions shop did not have reviews anywhere on the web – well, I think it’s hard to access reviews for Rx Prescriptions since it has been long closed. However, since Rx Prescriptions did not also have complaints, it’s not for me to say that Rx Prescriptions has scammed its former consumers.

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